Painting in Series 

Part 2


In 1997 I was in a situation that could have ended extremely devastating, I was being charged for a crime I did not do. I spent one year fighting the case and eventually the case was dropped.  During this year I began to have a deeper connection with my Christian faith. I had read the bible many times before but now I was reading deeper theological writings that shifted my paradigm to a more spiritual elevated state.  My drawings were different from the biblical drawings I did in 1989 while in Prison, these were abstract more symbolic.

I came across an art magazine that had an article about Arshile Gorky, this artist reflected many times on his traumatic childhood and his loss of his mother.  I connected with his story and as I researched more, other artists were mentioned. Artist like Roberto Matta, Kandinsky and the NY Abstract group of the 1940’s.

Upon my release from Jail, I began to explore Spiritual abstractions, I did these on large canvases. These abstractions began with the decomposing of Aztec ideas like Quetzacoatl and fusing it with biological matter, as to differ from what is a stone sculpture to that of its spiritual meaning.  In 2005 I was represented by a gallery and that allowed me to dive deep into these spiritual ideas, but by 2007 my family experienced life changing situations. Illness hit our home but not just physical illness a strange unknown concept to all of us, Mental illness.

In 2011 after experiencing years of family struggle with the illness, I was given the opportunity to assist a pastor, and in return I would be given free studio space in Echo Park. It was at this studio that I came to the idea that life must have a balance between that which is physical, the things we eat affect our bodies. That which is Spiritual, our personal spiritual beliefs, and our Cultural activities or family heritage, which I call the Soul.  The idea to paint this was what in the begging I called “the sum of the whole”.

My first attempts to paint this was a series I called “Fusion series” that lead to what I called “Urban Chicano Series” then when I moved to Antelope Valley in 2017, I continued to push the idea of Body, Soul and Spirit into my current work. Which I call “Triunity series”


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