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  My Purpose for Painting in the 1980’s As I had mentioned in my previous blog, I am going share a little more on the purpose of each series.  No where better to start than in the beginning.  1983.  Before I dive into 1983, a quick note that I was a Chicano gang member from elementary school till 8 th grade, so my knowledge of life was seen through this window.  Okay now in 1983 I moved from South Central LA to Maywood California, where the community had little gang activity and mostly kids influenced by hip hop and music videos.  This would also be where I began to gain an appreciation for hip hop music with the likes of LL Cool J, Run DMC, Whodini, and many more.  Break dancing was at its peak, and this was my introduction to Graffiti art, in the form of a visit to a club in the mid-Wilshire District called: RADIOTRON. If you seen the movie, well that was me…I was a B Boy, and to be a B Boy in those days meant you danced, DJed, rapped, and did some Graffiti. I am not going to
  Painting in Series  Part 2   In 1997 I was in a situation that could have ended extremely devastating, I was being charged for a crime I did not do. I spent one year fighting the case and eventually the case was dropped.   During this year I began to have a deeper connection with my Christian faith. I had read the bible many times before but now I was reading deeper theological writings that shifted my paradigm to a more spiritual elevated state.   My drawings were different from the biblical drawings I did in 1989 while in Prison, these were abstract more symbolic. I came across an art magazine that had an article about Arshile Gorky, this artist reflected many times on his traumatic childhood and his loss of his mother.   I connected with his story and as I researched more, other artists were mentioned. Artist like Roberto Matta, Kandinsky and the NY Abstract group of the 1940’s. Upon my release from Jail, I began to explore Spiritual abstractions, I did these on large canv