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Painting In S eries Part 1   I did not make one single blog in 2020, most of us would understand why. 2020 was probably the craziest year I have ever lived and I've been around since 1966. But in reality as my art is concerned it was actually very productive.   I recently moved to the Antelope Valley in the summer of 2017, and from that summer to probably 2019 I was very occupied with the whole moving into a new location and buying a home. I had made a commitment to begin to paint in oil. So in January of 2019 I set a goal of completing 100 oil paintings.   The main reason for this was not just to understand oil or to create a work ethic. But rather to really try to understand my subject matter, or my painting philosophy. To get a little on my back story I will briefly fill you in. I work in series, I have been doing this since 1980's, this concept of series is like graduating from one level to another or like taking what I've learned and pushing it to the next level.   In