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John Zender the Artist. Series 1

I have decided to begin to share my life story with the public, this is actually one of the hardest things to do because I tend to be very private when it comes to my past.  For many years Ive been a mentor to many young artists and I always  do my best to give only my positive stories, but to understand my art or to even understand me as an artist both the dark and light side of life must be known.  throughout my series I will always connect my past with my art this is to keep this blog artistic and not just biographical.  I was born in East Los Angeles in 1966 in a small house on 1034 1/2 S. Herbert Street in between Whittier Blvd and the 5 freeway,  My father was an alcoholic for as long as I can remember:  my older brother has more stories about these early years than I do.  I just remember Christmases and special birthdays, I do remember when my mother died, it was a major turning point for my  two sisters and brother. My father had a new women very short after that we thought w

Small Works

Working on some smaller pieces.